Friday, October 9, 2009

Hideous Hutch...Please help!

I mentioned yesterday about the built-in hutch I want to paint and I'm not sure what color I should do. My dining room table is black. Should I paint it black,will that be too much black, how much is too much black? I'm planning on leaving the top doors with the glass off and maybe wallpapering the inside of the shelving area. The bottom doors and drawers will be fixed in some way to where you don't see the details on them,maybe like I did the kitchen cabinets, plus add new hardware.

Please give me your ideas, I'm really lost on this one, maybe because I'm not sure I'd be satisfied with whatever I do to this ugly thing!


Janis said...

My mother-in-law and her sister do projects like this all the time. I know she would have some suggestions. I'll send her a link to your blog. She had a stained brown dining room table. She painted it black too and the chairs. She uses a lot of black, but she also uses a lot of bright floral patterns and pastel paints. Everything her and her sister do turn out so elegant.

Lizzy said...

Thanks Janis, the table was bought new in it's present color,black with a stained cherry pine top.

Janis said...

Hey, Lizzy. Marie asked me to cut and paste her response for her. She couldn't figure out how to put it her - she said it's too high tech for her. :) Here's what she said:

Hi Lizzy,
I'm Janis' mother-in-law Marie. She asked me to comment on your question. Actually I have a black table & chairs as well as a black hutch. It's definitely not too much, although it doesn't appear to be as large as yours, even though I do have a floral wallpaper behind it (yellow background with multicolored flowers). Sounds a little wild, but it looks good... I consider black a neutral and I think every room should have at least a little.

I also have, in the same room, an outdated buffet that I painted white, stenciled roses on it, and then trimmed in black. It all seems to work. I'd send a picture, but I'm not sure I know how! I'm not great with the internet and all that goes with it!

Hope this helps! And God bless!

Lizzy said...

Thanks Janis and Marie,

I appreciate you taking the time to message me and Janis tell her she can send pics to
Oh,maybe she means she can't email pics too...

Janis said...

I don't know what she meant, but I'll try to help her via the phone and see if we can't get some pics emailed to you. You would LOVE her work. It's so inspiring!!

Lizzy said...

Thanks you Janis!

The Johnsons said...

I think the black would be good. Maybe stain the top a cherrywood like on the table. An a wallpaper in the back could add a pop of color and is fairly easy to change out if your color scheme changes. Can't wait to see what you do!

Mo said...

i vote for more black....and maybe black and white wall papering and accessories????? as long as you accessorize with pops of white or another color....I think it would look great with the black furniture!! love that table! i like your taste in furniture!

Janis said...

Hey, Lizzy! Marie emailed me pics to send you. I don't know how to include them in a comment, or if you even can do that. Can you email me at and I'll reply with the pics back to you? Thanks! Janis

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