Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fantastic Deals

For those of you wanting to purchase a Gypsy , I found them here for 195.00.

You have to create a account and there is a 9.00 monthly member ship fee, HOWEVER they let you order anything for 2 days on a trial basics, no need to give a Credit card number for this fee, you order anything within the first two days of creating your account and after that if you want to sign up for membership then you do so then! No minimum order, no catch whatsoever!
They also have Bind it Alls for.. I think it was 49.00.

Cricket Expressions/ WITH 2 CARTRIDES FOR 210.00 Can't beat these prices, Go check it out!


Shelli said...

Cute blog, Lizzy! Thanks for stopping by--I left a follow-up comment for you on my blog about the pumpkin bread. It is yummy!!!

Thanks, Shelli

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