Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have you ever?

Saw a more handsome Cowboy? I just love this picture of My Grandson Austin and had to share! I hadn't realized how much he looks like his Daddy did at that age until I posted this picture.


Janis said...


Mo said...

Lizzy, he's adorable! I love that photo! Yes, definitely the handsomest cowboy EVER!

Room to Inspire said...

Simple adorable!


sophiesmama said...

What a cutie, Lizzy! Love the new look on your blog!

Crystal said...


Connie said...

Hi Lizzy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog (and becoming my newest follower, thank you). Yes, I sell the vinyl. Are you interested in the vinyl only? If so, the 'LOVE' letters are $2 per set and the lettering for the block is $4.
You can email me at if you need more details.
I have an etsy store set up but haven't gotten anything posted yet. I guess I am a little intimidated to make the plunge. Maybe one of these days...

My Creative Time said...

Hello there Lizzy!!
yes you are my 100th follower!!! whoohoo! Why don't you email me & give me your address so I can send you something!!! Don't worry, I'm not a wierdo :) I just want to send you a "100th" follower present!!! Nobody knows but, each 100 follower I get, will be receiving a special prize! I'm so happy you were my 1st!!!
Take care!

My Creative Time said...

Hi Lizzy, I used "Sweet Treats" cart for the tag!

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