Tuesday, August 11, 2009

JDRF WALK (reaching out to all my Blog Sista's)

To fight to find a cure for this horrid disease.
On August 1st my eleven year old Grandson Beau was taken to the emergency room very ill, it was there he was diagnosed with a grave condition called DKA(DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS) he was airlifted to LA where he was put in PICU and remained there fo four days so they could get his blood sugar stabilized.
Beau has been through so many changes since that day and he will be insulin defendant the rest of his life, anywhere from 3-5 shots daily...not to mention all the pokes to test his Blood sugar. However, he has been such a trooper and is doing well now and with the help of his devoted family he will face the daily challenges ahead with everyone's support.

I will be participating in the JDRF(Juvenile diabetes research foundation) walk on November 7th in Beau's honor along with other friends and family members. Our team is called "Beau's Battalion"
If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help me reach my goal of 200.00 you can do so here....

Please remember no donation is too small it all adds up, 1-5-10 dollars your help is greatly appreciated,thank you so much!


Janis said...

How could anyone be offended by such a heartfelt post? I love that you are doing this! My daddy has diabetes too. He gives his self shots too or Mama might do it. It can be a scary thing, but it sounds like you guys are well educated which takes most of the fear away. I will keep Beau in my prayers.

sophiesmama said...

What a worthy cause this is Lizzy! Beau is such a handsome young man, and I will pray that he does well, grows and thrives!!
Thanks for all that you do for others're a peach!

sophiesmama said...

there's something for you at my blog Lizzy!

amyg said...

My 9 year old little guy was diagnosed when he was 5. It's not fun, but people like you help a lot! We do the Walk every year, too. Best of luck!

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