Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday card

Today is my neighbor Carrell's 91st birthday. Him and his wife live by themselves and have no family here,they have one son who lives in Texas and he's trying to convince them to move there. They really need some help and I got them signed up for meals on wheels and help getting to their appointments.
I have really grown close to them and try and help as much as they will let me. I take hot food to them every few days , they forget to eat and recently Carrell has been getting dizzy and falling.
The ambulance came last week and it scared me to death, they took him ,checked him out but he wouldn't stay like they wanted him too.
Carrell served in WWII was at Pearl Harbor when in was attacked, he has alot of interesting stories to tell and I love hearing everyone of them.
Happy Birthday to a very very special Man!


sophiesmama said...

Such a cute card Lizzy! Hope you're doing well!
Please wish Carrell a happy birthday for me.
They're lucky to have you for a neighbor.

Janis said...

What a wonderful story and a wonderful card! I love hearing stories too. You should take a tape recorder and then write some of them down. What a great book that would make! Thank you for doing so much for them. I know they probably want to be independent and it's hard for them to get help, but thank you for making all the efforts you do. I know they appreciate it! Thanks for sending Mama a card. I'm sorry my posts upset you. I feel really bad about that. I won't post anything else on the subject. I appreciate you! Hugs!!

Maureen said...

how amazing! you get to hear those stories????!!!! awesomeness. well, i hope he feels better and gets back home. how sweet of you to watch over touching.


Maureen said...

Forgot to say, i love your card!

THE Stephanie said...

What a sweet neighbor you are! Don't find too many people like that these days. His son should be very happy to have you next door!

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