Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scripture and photo blocks

I did some last minute crafting today for a few Christmas gifts.
I'm so behind this year and just can't find the spirit. Is everyone ready?


aynzan said...

I'm absolutely sure that all those who get your gifts are going to treasure it.. Its so beautifully done.

Janis said...

Those look really neat. You said they are blocks? How did you do that?

The Johnsons said...

These turned out so nice! But I feel ya, every year I make something for my three kiddos and it is not going to happen this year. My head is spinning with all that is still on my to do list....Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Lizzy said...

OH NO! What happened to my post, crude I wrote a long post explaining to Janis how to make these. I have to run and I will try to post back here today!

Anna Sophia said...

I love these! So pretty.

Just wanted to say (a Looong overdue) Thank You for following my blog. Please excuse my poor manners and know that I am grateful for you and happy you found something that made you want to follow me. Have a great day!

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