Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wonderful product and......

A few little projects.

First of all I found this at Walmart and I tell you it has many uses and is a must have in our crafting stash!

It's an adhesive clear laminate on a roll , you can find it with the contact paper and it's made by Duck it's acid free so can be used with pictures, scrap booking, I used it on the project below and get this!!!!! It can be cut with the cricut. I used it with a normal blade and high speed and pressure, cut with no problem whatsoever! It can also be used to cut stencils on the cricut and way cheaper than the stuff cricut sells for that. It's like 5 bucks for a 12inch x 36ft. roll, can't beat that. If you can think of other uses please let us know!
If you are cutting words for stencil be sure to hit flip so the word will be facing the right way and the sticky part will be on the correct side.
I made some sugar scrub gift jars and I used it to laminate the paper I used. I bought the jar at walmart for 1.76 and I'm sure you could find something at your local dollar store.
If you want to make some just google homemade sugar scrub and take your pick, these make great inexpensive gifts! I used raw sugar, brown sugar, coffee, cinnamon and light olive oil. This stuff makes your skin feel so soft and makes your hands look years younger too!

I will post the other project in a separate post since this one is so long.


The Johnsons said...

Lizzy your jar looks adorable! I think this would be so cute for my kids teachers christmas.

Janis said...

I have never heard of the sugar scrub, but I love making gifts like that! I must google! Please post again with more details. Question about the laminate... how do you use it for stencils? Does that mean the adhesive isn't permanent? And if you were to cut with the Cricut, is that just to put it on top of the same image you cut with paper to protect it? Sorry, I'm not a spatial thinker. I have to have lots of details and pictures. :)

Janis said...

One more question.... can I use light brown sugar?

Janis said...

P.S. I'm a google failure.

Lizzy said...

The adhesive is similar to contact paper , not as sticky, you wouldnt use it for stenciling on paper , could use it on wood, glass, tiles,
Would be great to use as a stencil for etching on glass.
You could stick it to your paper first, then cut on the cricut.
You can go to they have a video on the srubs.

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